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Kim is a rare and wonderful kind of leader. Her ability to be present with each person and really hear what they are saying, or the question they are asking, is one of her greatest skills. Her answers and guidance are always thoughtful and intuitive — distinctive to the person she is supporting. She creates a space for herself and others to exhibit strength and grace, power and calmness, empathy and humor, all at once. 
When working with Kim, it’s almost like time stops. You feel as if you are the only thing on her mind, and she’s giving you her complete focus. Not only is she keenly knowledgable as a coach, she is able to take her knowledge and actually use it in real life; with herself and her clients. Compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, dedicated and amazing are all words I would use to describe Kim.
Any time spent with her is a gift.
- Angie Byrd
Personal Coach

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