Deeper Than a DietTM Detox

Seasonal Tune-ups for your body.

My journey with some serious personal growth started about 6 years ago while in the throes of post partum anxiety after the birth of my 2nd child and a move half way across the country.  My journey started with food.

Before that time, I always considered myself a healthy eater, but really I was a binge eater, binge exerciser and binge wine drinker on the search for the easiest way to lose weight.  I would joke that I went from drinking only coffee in the morning until I switched to wine in the evening.  And I would have kept on this way, if I my group personal trainer at the time didn’t sponsor a 3 day group cleanse that I had to do because … well everyone was.

Those were the hardest 3 days of my life with no caffeine, no alcohol and only smoothies and lean meat and veggies to eat.  My headaches and other detox symptoms were unbearable. I wating for that the 4th day all but ready to sprint to my French press, but instead I felt incredible, full of energy and alert.  

And although I did slowly resort back to my old way, I never forgot that “4th day feeling.”  

And so the cycle went for the next few years, experimenting with different detoxes, slowly allowing old habits to creep back in (but always to a lesser extent) until I’ve landed where I am today eating a mostly plant based diet, not only hearing, but listening the messages my body is sending and feeling that “4th day feeling” most every day.

Our bodies are smarter than we give them credit, we have lost touch with our innate nature and intuition about food and many things “life”.  That’s what this program is about, hearing and listening to your body so you know what to eat to nourish you.

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8 Principles of a Complete Woman

Group discovery to be experienced and explored.

As you may or may not know, I had been sitting with a message I could no longer ignore. So I decided to invest in myself to let the message come through and fully express itself… and did it ever. After 2 days of soul searching, personal confrontation (and some real tears) it’s done.


To be candid, there is a part of me feeling like who am I to be doing this, but the message is clear and this is very powerful material.

The course is based on 8 principles of a complete woman. Very soon I am going to open this course for the second time - It will be intentionally challenging, but also an incredible amount of fun filled with invitations to practice each principle in our day to day lives. Some of these practices will be what I call butterfly tasks; carefully designed actions that will gently challenge our comfort zones (you'll really feel the butterflies!) which will lead to real breakthrough.

If you are intrigued, I would be honored to have a conversation to determine if becoming one of the 6 women who participate in the next program would this be of interest to you.  You’ll know this is right for you, if you feel that not only would you get a ton out the materials, but also know in your gut that you would add a lot of value to the group.

If this interest you let’s jump on the phone for details.  I can fill you in on that more when we talk to determine if this program is the right fit for you.

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One-on-One Coaching

Personal Attention - 12 week/3mo weekly, Personal goal (i.e. health or lifestyle related).
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3 pack sampler sessions

My favorite thing about Deeper Than a Diet? I feel like ME again. Yes, the program helped me lose those last 5lbs while feeling free and healthy; but, my favorite part was being forced to focus on myself again. As a mother, I tend to put myself last and the program made me prioritize myself (not just my family), which is something that is more rejuvenating than I ever imagined. 
Thank you, Kim. I am excited to continue my journey of discovering true balance of motherhood, personal growth, and continuous health with you. 
- Amy (Leigh) Kay
Besides enjoying every minute of our time together, I feel so lucky to have experienced Kim's work as a coach twice. 
First, we had an one-on-one coaching experience where we talked about life and set up goals for myself. For three months our weekly sessions were my favorite thing to do; Incorporating such important life tools (from someone I admire) to help me take better care of myself. 
Then I was blessed to be part of a her group program, The Complete Woman where a group of us met to share feelings, fears and hopes, all under the guidance and love of Kim. I can't tell you enough how amazing and meaningful it was for me; Connecting with other wonderful women and sharing our emotions and vulnerabilities was an incredible growth experience. Our sessions were so powerful and I loved every minute. Thank you Kim!
- Duda Anderson
Yes, yes, yes! Love this program so much! I have been telling everyone about it. 
I have never done a detox before and have always been so leery of them. This one, however, is amazing. You have honestly transformed my life! 
I have never cooked so much and I’m starting to learn that my girls really will eat healthier food. I have been looking at what I give them so much more carefully now. It’s been a positive change all around. 
I have loads of energy and really this could not have come at a more perfect time. I’ve always felt in the past that I am dragging with a lack of energy. Not the case this year! I’m already planning on signing up for your next detox and hopefully bringing some friends along with me. :)
- Elaine Deakyne
After a one-on-one coaching experience and then going through Kim's Detox program, she offered me the opportunity to join her first Complete Woman intensive. I had gained so much from her health coaching, I was transforming in so many ways that I wanted to join her. 
Turned out, The Complete Woman, was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I was changing so much on the inside, working through a grieving process and finally feeling better physically and emotionally, but I wanted to dig deeper and become a better wife, mother, friend, WOMAN, a more complete Me.
I committed to do the work.  I dug in, even when I wanted to retreat. I finally dealt with past hurts that I thought I had been dealt with, though truthfully I had just shoved them away and moved on. I was able to figure out what made me who I am today, good, bad, and ugly. 
Best of all, I was able to meet some extraordinary women, who taught me so much about life, love, motherhood, and being true to ourselves.  Women who I fell in love with and respect dearly, who made me feel safe and comfortable to be myself.  The Complete Woman gave me so much insight, it allowed me to strip down to my core and forgive myself for all my past mistakes and focus on where I was going and what I wanted out of this glorious journey of life.  
- Nicole Harvey

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